about me...

I was born in Palo Alto, California and grew up in the Santa Clara Valley in the 1950’s. The valley now referred to as Silicon Valley was filled with acres and acres of green fields, miles of orchards with splendid large trees ripe with fruit.

My childhood home was nestled behind my grand parents home in Mountain View. It was a time when kids played in the front yard, drew hopscotch on the sidewalk or rode their bikes around the neighborhood.

Married with children at a young age, it was later that I went back to school and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Pictorial from San Jose State University and then on to California College of the Arts where I graduated Master of Fine Arts, Printmaking.

From graduation in 2003, I have shown my work in many Galleries and Museums in California, as well as, Colorado, Idaho and Australia. I belong to several local printmaking organizations, The California Society of Printmakers, and I am national member of the Women's Caucus for Art

Growing up, I was encouraged by many of my teachers to continue drawing. The last fifteen years my art has shifted from scholastic to speculative while revealing more of my own story each year. I attribute that shift to many things; the freedom to work in my own studio as well as to participate in local and international workshops, learning new materials while spending time with other artists. Additionally I credit my artistic growth to Richard Diebenkorn who said, “Attempt what is not certain. Certainty may or may not come later. It may be a valuable delusion,” and to Paul Klee who, ‘liked to take a line for a walk’. I admire both artists’ work greatly and their words continue to inspire me.

I use a variety of printmaking methods to express the ideas of home, family and nature. There is an undertone of loss and rebirth in many pieces as well as the spiritual quest to find a meditative restful balance. I now live in Santa Cruz, California where my husband and I built a studio behind our home; an extraordinary visual space to house my printmaking equipment and where my art making can flourish. It has become my spiritual respite… a sanctuary of sorts surrounded by the most beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains and views of the Pacific Ocean beyond.